Everything we serve is prepared from scratch daily, we only use the finest ingredients. Starting with our house-marinated olives and pickled turnips, to our award-winning Falafels served piping hot and crispy - Voted best in the city by Chicago Magazine in 09.

Sample and share with friends or family our wide assortments of vegetarian/vegan menu options like Mujaddarah, Baba Ghannouj, Tabbouleh, and Hummus.

BYOB to make your dine-in experience truely special. 



- The animal must be hand harvested and must be treated with most respect and gentleness before and during harvesting. 

- The animal CAN NOT be electrified, suffocated, shot, or killed in any way that might cause the blood to stay inside, which results in the meat being unhealthy and to lack freshness. 

- The animal must not be harvested in-front of another animal to avoid scaring them. ​


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